Women, Gender, Remittances and Development in the Global South

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This book endeavours to take conceptualisation of relationship between transnational remittance exchanges, gender to a new level. Thus, inevitably, it provides a number of case studies of relationships between gender, remittances from around world, highlighting different processes, practises. Thereby authors seek to understand impact of remittances on gender, gender relations, both at sending as well as at receiving end. For each case study authors ask how remittances affect gender identities, relationships but also vice versa. By itself this already adds a wealth of insights to a field that is remarkably understudied despite a volume of studies on gender, feminization of migration in developing contexts. Chapters take an open, explorative approach to relationship between gender, remittance behaviour with aid of case studies focusing on transnational flows between migrants, countries of origin. With wide variety of cases this book is able to provide conceptual insights to better understand how remittances affect gender identity, roles, relations (at both receiving, sending end), give specific attention to roles of various actors directly, indirectly involved in remittance sending in current collectively organized remittance schemes from around world.

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