City Threads Boys' Striped Boxer Briefs 3-Pack Cotton/Poly Blend; For Sensitive Skin and Sensory Friendly SPD Made in the USA, Char/Elf/Smurf, 5

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  1. Durable - will save you money in the long run because they will want to wear them over, over again. These will last
  2. Perfect combination of comfort, breathability, flexibility, a high-quality materials
  3. Safe - made from safe dyes, materials that won't cause irritation or itching. Perfect for sensitive skins, kids, SPD
  4. MOST COMFORTABLE boxers out there! 100% super soft cotton that breathes, provides slight stretch for active kids.
  5. When your name has been associated, the tiny tots of celebrities like Ashlee Simpson Wentz, Christina Aguilera, Liev Schrieber, Sandra Bullock, etc. the clothes are an easier sell. Add to the celebrity appeal the fact that the apparel is made in the U

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