Turquoise 1-BUD-Pro w/ zippered case and 3 sizes of eartips

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  1. Premium Cord is designed for improved flexibility, strength from an increased number of internal wire strands
  2. Premium Quality 1-BUD-Pro Earphone is part of our Gold-Series of 1-BUD Earphones
  3. Straight slim-style 3.5mm 3-conductor stereo plug fits through external carrying cases, the gold-plated plug provides static-free optimal contact, clear crisp audio
  4. Turquoise Colored One-Bud Earphone is Compatible, all types of audio products, featuring a 16-ohm impedance earbud that is very comfortable, the 3 sizes of eartips enable each user to customize the fit for their own ear
  5. Utilizes patented 1-BUDĀ® technology to mix the Left, Right stereo sound channels into one earpiece

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