Dutchess Cloth Menstrual Pads - Reusable Sanitary Napkins Premium Bamboo Quality 5 Pack Set - With Charcoal Absorbency Layer to Avoid Leaks, Odors and Staining - Save Money and Landfill Waste

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Brand: Dutchess
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  1. CHARCOAL BAMBOO LAYER of these cloth menstrual pads is soft, absorbant. Eco Moms love the Mama cloth pads like they love cloth diapers. Not only great at soaking up liquid, odors are neutralized. Charcoal color inner is more forgiving of stains
  2. ESSENTIAL for savvy eco-conscious women. HUGE savings to be made by using reusable, washable cloth sanitary pads over a lifetime
  3. FEEL SECURE - the waterproof outer layer, comfort of the softer, cotton microfleece layer against your delicate areas
  4. GORGEOUS PATTERN outer of sanitary napkin. Fold over, snap into place. Ideal For Medium flow, 9.5 inches x 2.25 inches
  5. SAVE MONEY, feel great about avoiding wasted money. On average 24 tampons /sanitary pads go into landfill each month

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