5 Pieces Charcoal Bamboo Mama Cloth/ Menstrual Pads/ Reusable Sanitary Pads

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Category: Baby Product
Brand: Hibaby
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  1. Composition: comprised of 5 layers, upper layer is 1 layer of soft, smooth charcoal bamboo against your skin, inner layer is 3 layers of microfiber which is super absorbent, the outer layer is 1 layer, a waterproof PUL backing to prevent leaks
  2. Flow: Equivalent to a overnight or post partum absorbency pad
  3. Secure: The wings have 2 snap sets allowing them to be clipped around underwear for extra security
  4. Size: The size of each pad is comparable to a overnight or post partum disposable sanitary pad. Each pad measures 14 X 3.5
  5. You are ordering 5 piece of 14 inch charcoal cloth pads

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