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Post your products online.

Add your products to your account

Using our online form, once you are logged in, you will be able to post products. You can enter various product information such as the product title, images, a description, and more. Custom fields are available upon request. You can also use some of our existing algorithmic fields such as hashtags and search keywords.

Review your products

Once your products are posted online, review your products. You will be able to choose from various templates in which you can organize all of your product information. Also, you can choose a set number of variant photo images to display, or you can display a main image online. Also, if you add additional meta information, this will help with forming additional hashtag and search keywords.

Generally, the more quality information you can provide about each product, the better.

Advanced product upload mechanisms

After you get the hang of uploading products individiaully, you can use any of our slightly more advanced upload tools to upload your products to our website. For example, you can use XML files or json files to upload batches of up to 1,000 products at a time. Accounts must be in good standing to use these features, but using such an API is the only option for uploading thousands of products.